As attorneys, we possess the skills and expertise in contracts, advocacy, negotiation, and counseling necessary to competently perform our duties in negotiating complex legal contracts.  Beyond our solid legal foundation, we understand the collective bargaining agreement, the NCAA rules, and the state agency regulations.  This combination furnishes us with the skills to analyze how these rules and regulations affect the player and the player’s rights allowing us to provide the best possible representation.

Because sports representation has become such a dynamic field with new issues arising daily, we are constantly keeping abreast of what is happening in baseball and how to proceed in the best interests of our clients.
Further, we do more than merely negotiate athlete salaries, we assist in a variety of other areas such as protecting the athlete’s rights, acting as a liaison between the team and the player, procuring product endorsement income, handling their off-the-field pursuits, helping the athlete adjust to professional and personal obstacles, keeping the athlete focused so that he can perform at his optimal level, and preparing the athlete for a second career.

Advisor to Student Athletes

We serve as an advisor to graduating high school seniors, first year junior college players, and collegiate juniors contemplating playing professional baseball.  Daikon provides information to the family to help them make the decision between entering the draft versus attending or returning to school.  The family always has the final say as to which choice is more appropriate for them.
Under NCAA rule 12.3.2 an athlete is allowed to secure advice from a lawyer concerning a proposed professional sports contract and shall not be considered contracting for representation by an agent under this rule.

Contract Negotiations

As baseball agents, our initial responsibility is to create, review, and negotiate an athlete’s contract.  There are several components to successfully accomplish this goal.
First, we ascertain the athlete’s needs, objectives, and expectations.  Second, we assess the strengths and weaknesses of the athlete, how the athlete fits with the various teams’ needs, and the specific team management philosophies.  Third, we perform extensive research on prior year contracts, player statistics, and similarly situated athletes.  Fourth, we synthesize this information to accurately determine the client’s market value.
Once the market value has been determined, we assist in developing realistic salary and bonus demands to expedite the negotiation process and persuade the team of the athlete’s value.  We also formulate and structure the contract to meet the financial needs of the athlete, in addition to minimizing the tax burdens.

Legal Representation

We serve as a baseball agent representing collegiate seniors, second year junior college players, and minor and major league players.
We recognize that the practice of law is a personal service profession.  Therefore, we seek to provide the highest caliber of quality professional legal representation to every athlete.  The foundation of our practice is developing and maintaining a strong committed relationship based on accessibility, promptness, responsiveness to emergencies, specific attention to detail and listening to our clients.  All of this results in a secure environment, allowing the athlete to concentrate on performing at his optimal level.

Endorsement Exploration

We help our clients earn extra income from product endorsements, personal appearances, speeches, and equipment contracts by positioning our clients to attract the interest of sponsors and in matching the athlete with regional and national companies.  We create a thoughtful, long-term plan to maximize opportunities within the limits of the player’s performance, personality, and home team market.  Further, we help lay the groundwork for future opportunities by encouraging the athlete to cooperate with the media and get involved in community service.  We look for endorsements that fit the athlete’s personality and enhance the athlete’s image.  

Career Counseling

We serve a valuable role as a counselor. We help our clients adjust to a professional career in a new town or league by keeping the client focused on the field of play and not on off field concerns.  Also, we advise our clients about their future in baseball.  In the off season, we help our clients find medical specialists, trainers, or doctors; help them find off-season employment relating to baseball; assist them in attending or finishing college;  and assist them in seeking and securing post-career opportunities either in coaching or business venture.